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People use to upload their videos on platforms on line, as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc., Often they are mainly commercially oriented and there are still few free and open alternatives.

In recent years, in a context of increasing and sometimes pedantic rules in defense of privacy and against any discrimination, the problem of the access to information for everyone - not only as user, but as actual producer, as all of us handle digital devices and media contents on line - important especially in education and not that hard to deal with, is curiously underestimated,

Here you have not embedded videos in these pages, but links to their channel addresses. We are also working, with international partners, for possible dedicated channels, good and safe for children, not only as users, but as active and aware producers of information, as actually often they are.

In “Who When How” page some videos are quoted too. Here we do not only show videos, but also try to find together a good way of dealing with them.

Page under construction!

 “Concittadini Inaspettati” (unexpected fellow Citizens, 2005) and “La Natura sotto Casa” (doorstep Nature, 2006) are the summary of the  first experiences in looking for insects, lead by Paolo Beneventi with the children of the primary and kindergarten schools of Brescia. Audiovisual means were not only for documentation, but a very powerful tool for improving our  our ability to see.  

 “Costruiamo insieme il Museo(Let’s set up the Museum together, 2014) is from the last workshop in Brescia sponsored by Coop Lombardia. Many parts were shot directly by teachers, even without any experience of video.

 This was intended as a trailer to relaunch the Museum project, 2016.

Il Lombrico Joe” (Joe the earthworm) and “La Coccinella” (the Ladybird) were two songs dated 1990, by Piero Giambruno (music and song) and Paolo Beneventi (words). Many years later, Paolo made from them two musical videos, in 2009 and 2021, using the same video contents available for the Museum.