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The Children’s Virtual Museum of Small Animals

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For Kids, for Teachers, for all People who want to set it up together!


A series of ebooks of Science, Photography and Poetry, in Italian, by Paolo Beneventi, based on the same stuff collected here in the Museum.

A book by Paolo Beneventi, on Children and Environment, with practical and theoretical bases, on which the Museum project is built on. Italian, 2009.

In this big collective book an article about the Museum, by Paolo Beneventi, is at Volume I, chapter I, page 1. English, 2013.

The multimedia catalogue in CD ROM was much more complete then the exhibition on line, with many extra contents, drawings, voices, videos. Italian, 2007

Published by the Municipality of Brescia, sent to some libraries, maybe still available in some copies.

3 Years of work, dozens of classes od primary and kindergarten school, above all focused on trees and plants.

We were at the beginning and in the “insect section” there are mistakes. Italian, 2003.

Here are at the beginning above all works by Paolo Beneventi, the creator of the Museum. But we are asking and waiting from many others. Send your document, your links!