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The Children’s Virtual Museum of Small Animals

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For Kids, for Teachers, for all People who want to set it up together!

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The Children’s Virtual Museum of Small Animals is…

Notes for teachers, educators, scholars, researchers.

There are many sites and pages on insects in the Web. What is different in this Museum?

Essentially, the Museum is not:

a systematic catalogue where to find every species

a place where simply to ask what kind of being is it

an exhibition of pictures of good photographers

With these kinds of spaces, pages, groups we deal and are in contact

Bur mainly

With our pictures we are making a work together. We schools, we educators, we correspondents, for a common, steady project.

Any person, any child can take part in it and the space will be made bigger, better every day. The Museum - on the specific theme of small animals - is a simple proposal, an example, of how it is possible not to waste the enormous communication potential that we have available today but which in general we do not exploit, due to a consumerist education and habits and an individualistic attitude.

Today we can all be not only consumers or users, but real protagonists of the information society! We can all do it if, more than only taking part in commercial ready-made platforms, we learn that with technology we can work together and build something really our own as we want it, in direct connection with anyone in the world.

The exact ways of doing, as in a work in progress across new possibilities never available before in history, can not be learned from someone else, but are to be discovered all together, including with a little help from the children curious of insects and spiders and sharing their pictures on the Internet.