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The Children’s Virtual Museum of Small Animals

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For Kids, for Teachers, for all People who want to set it up together!

These videos are by Paolo Beneventi, the creator of the Museum. Others are linked in these pages and others coming from people from all around the world, with small animals discovered and filmed and for by children.

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Mail: Dermaptera & Coleoptera

Regnum Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Subphylum Hexapoda

Classis  INSECTA

From Latin  Insectum = cut in

28 Orders, One Million Species

found and described, but many more estimated, still unknown.

Dermaptera & Diptera Dermaptera & Hemiptera Hymenoptera Lepidoptera #MANTODEA Dermaptera & Dermaptera & #ODONATA Dermaptera & Dermaptera & #ORTHOPTERA

Pages of videos are under construction!

Here are not all insectes, but those we have “discovered” taking pictures around!