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The Children’s Virtual Museum of Small Animals

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In the beginning there are children exploring their school yard...

It all started collecting pictures of insects, spiders, millipedes in the school yard or garden.

Then, we have exchanged those pictures on the internet. Scientific names are international, equal in every part of the world. So here is the VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF SMALL ANIMALS, found and shared by children.

Casazza primary school, Brescia, Italy 2011

Feng-si Junior High School, Kaohsiung City,Taiwan,  2016

Here is a simple but correct classification of the animals. Look for those who are visible in our Museum!

Others Insecta

All this is made  by, with and for kids. Let’s go to see Who When and How !

It’s a long HISTORY! But children make it new and surprising every day!

The Children’s Virtual Museum of Small Animals, from the school yard to the Internet, from all over the world!


We are not professional entomologists, scientists, photographers or video makers. We simply have been looking and collecting pictures across the years, from schools and friends around the world.

We are learning together how to put them in order to make them profitable for kids and people, as nowadays technology makes it possible.

It is a collective and shared work, a small example of how today active citizens of all generations can build information and knowledge together, having fun and making friends.

Pages under construction!

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Rome, Global Junior Challange 2004, the project was: NAVIGHIAMO NEI PARCHI! (Let’s Surf in Parks!)


There are many sites and pages on insects in the Web. What is different in this Museum?

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