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Video and photo shooting, we began to collect pictures of insects, spiders, millipedes, snails. We thought: these beings have scientific names equal in every part of the world. We could “exchange cards” with children living in far-away  countries.

So it’s here (work in progress) the first VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF SMALL ANIMALS found and shared by children.

Apart from the introductory pages – till now in English, Italian and Spanish, but we'll put all the languages of the children who share with us – we chose to write very little text and all in English, as that's the most studied and understood language in the world. From scientific names, everyone can go and look on the net for other news (by the way, send us the name of the small animals in the different languages: it will also be a way to know one another, among children from so many different countries!)

We are not scientists; we are learning with you. So the classifications and explanations here are correct enough, but not very technical, so that children can understand. There are many question marks, incomplete parts we are not sure of, that are to be controlled. There are buttons that still do not link to any place and photos made by us, without children, that we put up in the meantime, and we plan to replace them with those sent by children. It is a work-always-in-progress, updated every month with the site-makers' contributions and with documents sent from children at participating schools and other groups.

Together, asking for help from those who know more, we are trying every day to improve the quality of this museum. Our hope is that children enjoy and use this site, and that it can be an encouragement to them to follow their curiosity and to enjoy learning, knowing and thinking”.


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A special thanks to Coop Lombardia, which with its Social Cultural Centre of Brescia has been funding for many years the educational courses in schools, from which it is drawn in large part the documents of this museum.