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Concittadini inaspettati” (unexpected fellow citizens), the photo exhibition is always available for schools, libraries, museums.

The Museum Facts

December 2015. The Museum re-opens, widely re-designed, hosted in the Terra Insieme web domain, and re-launched by a new, international group.

December 2015. A whole primary schools in Pyrgos, Greece, join the project of the Museum looking for pictures of insects on the field.

October - December 2015. The video of the Museum takes part in the festivals of Cordoba, Argentina, and Pyrgos, Greece.

2015. The Museum is put in hibernation, waiting to be incorporated in the resumed project of Terra Insieme.

September 2014. The galleries of the Museum are recoded from Flash to Java, for a better accessibility.

June 2014. Video Let’s set up the Virtual Museum of Small Animals, from the work with 13 classes of the primary school in Brescia.

April 2014. The Museum is renewed, coming in range of the Association Impariamo a imparare.

3 - 17 Nov 2013. The exhibition Concittadini inaspettati is at San Daniele Po, by the Museo Paleoantropologico del Po.

August 2013: Paolo’s first e-book is out with MammeOnLine: in February 2014 they are 4!

20/03 - 11/04 2013. The exhibition Concittadini inaspettati is at Rezzato, in the newspaper library.

06/10 - 16/10 2012. The exhibition Concittadini inaspettati is in Brescia, at the residence for seniors Villa Elisa.

September 2012. The Children’s Virtual Museum of Small Animals is chapter n. 1 in Handbook of Research on Didactic Strategies and Technologies for Education: Incorporating Advancements, published by IGI Global. See the Abstract.

23/04 - 28/04 2012. The exhibition Concittadini inaspettati is at Urago d’Oglio (Brescia), by Centro Culturale.

August 2011. Restyling of the site, more according with children’s taste and more functional, for surfing and enjoying.

July 2011. First audio files of children’s voices are added in the Museum, as well as “watching details” rooms.

May 2011. Art Studio Mali Monmartr, Belgrade, Serbia, join the Museum with a series of drawings and ceramics.

05/05/2011. The Museum takes part in the meeting of Scatti di Scienza Under 18. Milan, Italy.

31/04 - 05/06 2011. The exhibition Concittadini inaspettati is in Brescia, by Cooperativa Lavoratori of Mompiano.

29/10-5/12 2010. The exhibition Copioni e Copiati, is set in Genoa, by some Museum advisors.

October 2010. Paolo and Scuola di Robotica are in schools to work about insects and robots.

Videos are embedded in the Museum from a new YouTube channel, of teacher solomk7.

May 2010. First workshop with children in the precincts of Ambiente Parco, Brescia.

Paolo and Galleria della Natura start a common project.

14/02/2010. The Museum opens its own group on Facebook.

9/02/2010. The Museum is on line.

Paolo Beneventi: interview to Pet Passion TV, 29 Sept. 2011, at Cooperativa Lavoratori Mompiano, Brescia:

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August 2016: the cooperation begins with Scuola Verde, Gran Sasso, Italy.