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Set up the Museum

This Museum is to build together. All pictures will be provided by children in different parts of the world (though at the beginning there are photos that Paolo shot by himself to use with pupils during workshops. They are to be replaced the more that others about the same subjects come to the Museum).

If you meet a a small animal and photograph or video shoot it, you can send us the document and we put it in the gallery. Photographs are put directly in the rooms of the Museum, videos eventually using a YouTube channel, visible from the Museum rooms.

We need to know the authors of the discovering, the place and the date, so we can indicate them in the caption. And we add the class or group of children into the list of the authors of the Museum.

These pages are changing much with time, as new little research scientists from all over the world are coming to fill them.

Send us the pictures we lack, and every month we add the new documents. Tel also if in your opinion we did not put something that could be interesting to found it..


All one needs to take pictures is a digital photo camera with a “super macro” lens (focus at 1 or 2 cms), so that it is possible to count every single hair of a fly! Videos are good to reproduce  movement and live voices of the exploration, but they give less definition for still pictures.

Digital video and photo cameras are easy enough to manage. If the children are not able yet, they can ask teacher or other adults to help them.


For every insect or spider, we should know the name, the popular and the scientific one (that is the same all around the world, so that even people speaking very different languages can understand exactly what we are talking about!)

Not always it's easy to identify families, gender and species, so that it's necessary to address to experts, look up on books and web pages, compare many references. This is why we need to work together, correcting each other when something comes wrong.

Where in the caption we wrote “?”, we are trying a solution, but we need help.

Sharing documents

From the photo gallery it is no possible to directly download pictures. It's because of the Flash format of them, but it's also as the idea of sharing doesn't mean only “download”. Share means first of all meeting people. If one doesn't have anything yet to put into the Museum, photos or videos, but simply think to use a pictures of ours, he can ask it to us by e-mail and we give him, image and caption. And we – with their permission – shall add the name of the school or group and e-address to the public list of the visitors of the Museum, that can also contact each other from every part of the planet, directly exchanging experiences.

From every single page of pictures and videos, one can reach rooms of drawings that you can send us, as well as written texts related to explorations and discoveries,  and voices too, through which the others can hear the emotion of an experience.

Video around

From the Museum, we also open a video window out on experiences of children in nature, not bent to specific little animals or classifications, but just telling what happens. The protagonists are children themselves, telling simple stories across the world...